A summary of my past occupations, education, writing and talks. A more extensive CV is available upon request.


April 2023 - now

Vaticle Ltd
Head of Research

April 2019 - April 2023

University of Oxford
Postdoc in Mathematics


Oct 2014 - April 2019

University of Oxford
PhD in Computer Science and Mathematics

Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

University of Cambridge
Master’s degree in Mathematics

Sep 2010 - Sep 2013

ETH Zurich
BSc in Physics


Papers, books, theses

  • “Geometric computads”, Dorn + Heidemann

In preparation

  • “Globular manifold diagrams”, Dorn + Douglas + Heidemann

In preparation

Notes and essays (not intended for publication)

  • List of online notes

  • “Datastructure for higher sesqui-categories”, 2016, unpublished note, Oxford. [pdf]

  • “Basic concepts in homotopy theory”, 2015, Term Paper, Oxford. [pdf]

  • “Enriched category theory”, 2014, Part III essay, Cambridge. [pdf]

  • “Phenomenology of the Higgs Boson: Production and Decay”, 2013, BSc Proseminar Paper, ETH Zurich.

  • Note on categorical concepts in the definition of factorization homology. [pdf]


  • “Generalized Differential Cohomology” (Nov 2021), Advanced Topology Class, Oxford, (related note)

  • Series of 10 talks on framed combinatorial topology (Apr - June 2021), Topology Group, Oxford

  • “Transversal Stratifications” (Mar 2020), Higher Categories and Categorification @ MSRI

  • ”\(\otimes\)-Excision theorem for factorization homology” (Nov 2019), Advanced Topology Seminar, Oxford

  • “Higher stratified Morse Theory” (Oct 2019), Topology Seminar, Oxford

  • “On how to continue the sequence (categories, functors, natural transformations, modifications …)” (Mar 2019). \(K\)-theory seminar, CUNY, New York

  • “Higher categories from higher-dimensional manifolds” (Feb 2019). Category theory seminar, Johns Hopkins Univesity, Baltimore

  • “Manifolds and higher categories” (Nov 2018). McGill Category Theory and Logic Seminar, Montreal

  • “Combinatorial Cobordism” (Oct 2018). Category Theory Octoberfest 2018, New York

  • “Associative \(n\)-categories” (Sep 2018). New York Category Theory Seminar, CUNY, New York

  • “Higher-dimensional Programming” (May 2018). Applied Category Theory Seminar, MIT, Cambridge MA

  • “Associative \(n\)-categories” (Apr 2018). 103rd Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic, Brno

  • “TQFTs and string diagrams” (Oct 2017). Junior Algebra and Representation Theory Seminar, Oxford


I grew up in Berlin, Germany, where I attended a school focused on musical studies, and I am still avidly playing the piano.

I think nihilism is an okay attitude to have as long as you are optimistic about it.